Question and Answer time!

Today I wanted to change up things. I know most of the times I write about me, but do not know much about my audience. This blog will be a little bit about me but at the end, I would love to know more about you. there will be multiple ways you can respond and I will post them at the end.

I know that most of you know that I have been through a lot in my life one being multiple surgeries. When people see me the first time they are frightened by my breathing and the treck. Most time I tell my life story how I was involved in a car wreck at the age of three and was in a coma for two weeks. During this time the hospital injured my airway and had to start an emergency treck. I have been through 79 surgeries including 5 reconstruction surgeries a nose and ear surgeries too. Your question is how many surgeries have you had?  

My life has had a few cool experiences that most people would not know about me. though college I was able to work in Yellowstone hiking everyday and weekend. Another year I had an awesome time working at Walt Disney World for a semester. I have traveled most of the US and been to Canada, Hati and Romania. Your question is what cool experiences have you had and places you traveled to? 

My growing up experience was on the farm. we had chickens, rabbits, cows, turkeys, and lambs on the farm. if you are thinking that was a lot of animals we did not have them all at the same time. we did always have a garden my dad has the green thumb in the family. Your question is what atmosphere did you grow up in the city or country and did you have any animals?

My faith has always played a role in my life from multiple mission trips to playing in a Christian band at church. Some of the mission locations I served at was Valley Baptist encampment, beach reach South Padre beach, Yellowstone National Park, and Romania. Your question is what role did you faith play in your life and did you go on any mission trips or camps? If neither what trips did you take with your family?

my favorite son is the cartoon song by Chris Rice. Another one is “To the work, To the work” it is located in the old Baptist song hymnal. The son reminds us that we are to work till the Lord comes. What is your favorite song?

In conclusion…

These are a few questions to get to know you better. You can answer multiple ways if you are following me on Facebook answer in the comments section below on this post, you can leave a comment below, or Email by clicking here. After answering the questions and do not mind me sharing let me know when responding. Below are two past blogs I like to share.

Life struggles, how we want to blame the world?

Do not let fear take over your life.

I continue to pray for you. have a blessed day.


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