Why I do not celebrate Halloween as a Christian.

I know I might have some nigh sayers for this one and others that will understand where I am coming from. Most of the celebrations now of days are of evil creatures and being that resemble the devilish ways. In true fashion, Holloween or Hollow eve. was a festival for Christian believers that fell on the day before All Saints day on Nov 1. Today’s traditional celebration came from Gaelic festival Samhain having pagan roots. Today most of the holiday is centered around evil demon creatures and satanic symbols. Yes, most churches now of day’s have an event that promotes there belief as a Christian church. What events do you attend on this day?

What does the bible say about worshiping the devil or idols…

There are several verses in the bible that mention the devil in great deals especially when you read Revelations. But today I am going to focus on other chapters like Titus 2:11-1. In Titus, it talks about Paul telling believers how we are to renounce ungodliness and world passions. To me, anything that is not representing God in his true ways should not be in our lives and be staying far away from it. Also in 2 John 1:9-11 it mentions how we are to be followers of Christ vs. following what the wicked ways of the world. When we read Genesis 3:1 the serpent even persuaded Adam and Eve to eat the apple. When we partake in a Holloween party, how easy would it for the evil one to sneak into our lives. As we see the holiday as the commercialize and satanic holiday, do we really want to be part of the wicked ways?

In Conclusion…

As you go through today, remember who created the heavens and earth and be a witness for Him. I want to thank all of you that read yesterdays blog and know it meant a lot to me.  As I read your comments on Facebook I can see through your words that I am truly blessed and cared for. As you read the two post I have chosen today, remember God plan is a lot bigger than you will ever see.

Is your life feng shui?

Are you going in the right direction?

Thanks again for all the prayers and thoughts and know I have you in my thoughts and prayer daily.

Have a blessed day,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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