The special day will not be happening.

I know it been a while since you have heard from me. I have had a lot happen since last time you heard from me. The biggest news is that I will not be getting married this coming month. I know this is sad news to most of you. I still have times when I just hear one word and break down. I do have a big support group and have a lot of prayers for me and her.  I can say that I have grown a lot since I was with Jen. I will not be the one that will put down a person even if I was hurt by them. What I can do is take the good things and look forward knowing he has the perfect person for me. I am writing this I am reminded of what God promises us. He promises us that he will be there with us until the end.


God’s promises to us.

When we look at His word we are reminded of his promises to us. I can name several starting with financial, peace, no fear, and healing. In Matthew 6:31-34 it shows us how he takes care of our needs Look around you everything was provided by God to bless you. When you worry that starts to be a sin.

God will also promise you peace. In Isaiah 26:3 as you focus on God everything around you will melt away. He is the reason you are still alive why not trust him in His ways. I struggle at this daily. I start to get the I mode and need to step back and give it all to Him.

He will also heal you from anything that is bothering you or that is wrong with you. In  Jeremiah 30:17 it talks about how he heals us and our wounds. I know I am a walking miracle and seen his healing hands several times in my life. Also in Psalms 103:2-3 He talks about how he will heal us from our sins and other things. If you are hurting at times like I am, just ask for His hand and he will answer.

As I focus on His great promises and know that he has a better plan for me I keep the faith that His will be done.

In conclusion…..

As I continue to heal from the relationship I am still praying for each one of you and very appreciative of every one of you. My prayer today is that you have a great week and know that God is on your side. The devil will tell you otherwise but we know the truth will set you free.

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I will  continue to write more as the time goes on. I do not want to hurt people along my way and know that most of my blog is how I feel or see it through my viewpoint. you are more than welcome to start a discussion about the topic. Have a wonderful day.

Carlton Moss


II will continue to write blogs

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