Looking for a dash of spice and a dash of sweetness.

Hope this post keeps you coming back for more. Today I am writing to include all you in this page. I know I have the site that has my name on it but finding it is more just not about me but what is going on in everyone’s life and how God is working in it. You are asking how I plan to put a dash and spice into the blog. The way I am going to do this is include you into the blog.

I would love to have anyone tell there story about their life or how God is directing them. I feel like we have stories that need to be told to the world. I want to make this a blog where everyone is heard and shared. Yes I will be sharing my life experiences toofrom ups and downs of life as I go down the path the Lord wants me to go down.

So drum roll please. Who wants to be the first one to share what God is doing in your life. I know what you are thinking who wants to hear what I going though we all do. I am not a good writer. Nether am I but as God guides my fingers and gives me what to say in my heart.

Steps to join in this fun project!

1st send me a email to (clmoss09@gmail.com) with your name and what you like to discuss on the site.

2nd I will give you a contributor profile to my site where you will be able to write and I will approve on Friday. You can write as much as you feel, but will try to give everyone a chance at the mic. If you do not want to write as a contributor you can email me your story and I will  email you when I plan to publish it. If you do not know what do write about I we could do a interview segment where I ask you questions and you answer them.

The final step is to promote your wonderful work and let everyone know what is going on in your life.

I can not wait to see where God takes this new endeavor and how He speaks to you. Thank you for following my journey. I will continue to pray for you.  Below are two past blogs that to help you though your journey.

Are you going in the right direction?

Long days and nights.

Have a wonderful day, evening or night,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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