What I have learned about marriage.

Good morning everyone. I am doing a lot better and feeling the healing power prayer. Most days me and Jennifer sit down and talk about the big day we are about to have. I am getting very excited to see where the lord is going to take us. I would say we are about 60% planned out for the wedding. As we talk about the details it sometimes over whelming on how much has to be planned and taken care of. When people start to tell me mouths and weeks I some times freak out and can not believe it will be here sooner than later. Now of days marriage is not as strong as it was with our parents or grand parents. What was I tough about marriage?



What I have learned about marriage.

There is few things I have seen and know about being faithful to your bride. I know most of you will say it about time you find the one. But with that said I will say it was in Gods timing. I have grown up and have shed several things I did in the past off to be able to find the one.

While growing up in a family that went to church each Sunday I know the first that God needs to be the center of the relationship. If this is ever ignored than most marriages will fall in sand and wash away. As me and Jennifer have started to pray each time we see each other and when we leave at night. We have always said that God will be the center of the relationship.

The next thing is not letting the day go by and being upset at each other. I know marriage is a tough thing to face at times. Going though life together is not always going to be easy. You will have disagreements and be upset at each other but step away from the situation pray and ask God to lead you in the right direction. Than follow His promise and talk about the situation. Do not yell at each other or feel like you have to win the conversation. While talking share what you feel, never using the word you instead say I feel.

Outline each others strong points. My strong point is creativity. I can create things and have a strong right side brain. For Jennifer she a planner. I take her strengths and let her do what she best at. Most of you know I sometime fly on the skin of my pants but I finding her to ground me more.

What are your suggestions about marriage? If you could meet a younger self what would you tell him or her about marriage?

In conclusion…..

As you go though today weather you are single, about to get married or been married several years ask yourself what is the strong point of yourself or the person you married?  Learn to love and be loved.

This week it will be 3 mouths since I have started to write a blog as I wrote in the last blog I have learned a lot and still learning. If you have any question feel free to ask. I know I mentioned this several times and the offer is still on the table if you like me to pray for you let me know. We are more stronger in him as a group than by our self. Thank you again for sticking it out with me on my journey. If this blog blesses you feel free to share it. below are two blogs that will encourage you though you walk with Him.

Do you say thank you enough?

Do you fear the worst making big decisions?

Have a blessed day,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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