Ask me what on the mind.

Yesterday we had 700 views to the site and 349 visitor to the site. I want to welcome         K Marie as one of my new followers. I know as a blogger we strive for the best work we can give. I know that I am just a message from the Lord and using a platform to show what he is doing in my life. I am always wanting to hear what you think about my blog.

Today I open the floor for any questions. I will answer the basic ones Like how tall am I, where I grew up, what degree I have.


To Start off I am from a small country town called Taft, Texas. If you blinked you would miss it. Its slogan for the town is ” The friendliest cotton pickin town in Texas”.  I was raised very well and have one brother.

I currently stand 6’3″ have black hair and blue eyes. I feel like I am doing a profile on a dating site. Talking about dating I do have a wonderful girlfriend that we been together for two and a half years. Her name is Jennifer.

I currently have the site named after me but want your input on a diffrent name. As I read my bloggers that I follow the names of their sites match what they are talking about. I would love to hear your thought on this.

Below I love you to comment about anything you like. I want this to be a two-way street. Yes, you can enter but also talk to the owner. It is awesome to me to hear from you. The viewers.

Have a blessed day!

Carlton Lucas Moss




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