Will God Answers Prayers

Today, Jen will be writing about her experience about God answering prayers as she experienced it last night.

What an honor to be able to post this.  Last night, I got the best phone call.  After  7 months of praying, I got the phone call from my potential kidney donor that she has passed all the tests.  We wait for 1 last test of mixing of our bloods.

Does God answer prayers? Absolutely!  God will answer them according to His will and His perfect timing.  If I had it my way, I would have had this transplant Summer of 2016, but it wasn’t God’s timing.  Lucas, my family, friends, and I have been on our knees praying to God for answers to our prayers.

God says that when we ask, we shall receive.  Have you been praying and not hearing from God?  Don’t give up.  God will answer your prayers.  When I was growing up, my Grandma would always say, “God answers prayers with a yes, no, or maybe.”  God will do what is according to His plans in His timing.  Don’t give up if God hasn’t answered your prayers yet.  I’ve been in kidney failure for a year and dialysis for 5 months, and we’re finally seeing God answering our prayers.

I pray that you have hope and continue to ask God for what you need.

God bless you!


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