What a huge rock we have there.

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on when you are reading this blog. I pray you are having a wonderful day. Have you ever thought how heavy the stone was at the grave? Could a man that was beaten to a pulp be able to move the stone from the inside? These are the questions I am going to try to answer today.

52439917 - golghota known as garden tomb, jerusalem, israel, middle east
Golgotha, known as garden tomb, Jerusalem, Israel, Middle East


As I was researching today’s topic,  I found out that the rock was very heavy. On Jason’s blog that I read in Theosophical,  the rock weighed about 1 to 2 tons. Could a man do this by himself? Not by any standards of today’s caliber.   Imagine pushing a bison over.  That is the weight the rock weighed.  In Matthew 28:2-4, it gives an account that an angel rolled the rock away for Mary and the others to see in the tomb. It also mentions that the guards fell. I would have hated to be those guards and tried to explain what happened on my shift. I can just see it now. Yes, I was at Jesus’ tomb, but I do not remember what happened after the earthquake.  Why not? Because I was in a dead state of mind.

As you go through today, do not forget who died for your sins and is in control of your being here today.  If you have not accepted Him as your Savior, today is not a bad day to start a fresh beginning.

Have a blessed day,

Carlton Lucas Moss



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