How do two branches help us?

Happy Easter weekend!  I know this week is a time to celebrate with family and friends whether having a picnic, eating food, Easter egg hunts, or cracking cascorones over each other’s heads.  As most people in the U.S., we celebrate this holiday with little fanfare to what it means.  Having a person die on the cross for our sins and being innocent from the charges against Him, is the greatest gift of love.

How do two branches help us?  As we know that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.   We gained eternal life with our Heavenly Father if we believe in Jesus and confess our sins.  All our sins are forgiven because of His sacrifice.   As it mentions in John 3:16, that if we believe in Jesus we shall have eternal life.  Romans 5:8 says that even though we were still sinners, God loves us so much that He had His son die on the cross for us.  In both these verses, we see how the two branches are a representation of His love towards us.  This is how the two boards help us!

51758209 - cross thorn and wooden heart abstract easter concept
Copyright: udra / 123RF Stock Photo

As you go through today, remember the true meaning of Easter.  It’s not about the Easter bunny or the candy or the beautiful Easter lilies, but how it all started on the cross and how died for our sins.  We can rejoice at Easter that Jesus lives eternally and what hope we have that we too can live eternally with Him!

Have a wonderful day,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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