Accomplishments in your life!

We all have areas in our life that we are proud of. For me, it starts out back in high school being named student council president my senior year. Some other accomplishments include climbing a 7,000-foot mountain in Yellowstone to graduating college.  Enough about me!  Can you name your accomplishments? The list you made is through Christ that granted you the ability to accomplish the goal you had at hand. Maybe you feel like there has not been anything in your life that you feel good about or you not proud about. I would say look very hard because I bet you are accomplishing something right now. The item does not have to be an invention or a multi-million business. It can be as small as cleaning up a room or organizing your desk.  God is in the accomplishing business and not the failure business.

The Bible mentions several times how He let normal people accomplish things in life  Noah, Samuel, Moses to name a few. God had their life where He wanted them. Yes, they had failures, but they also had success too. Look at Noah! He followed God and lived to the ripe age of 950 out of that age he built a mega boat that took him 120 years to build. If that is not an accomplishment than I don’t know what would be. Lets look at Samuel life being a follower of God at a young age he became the priest of a nation. Even anointing and training two kings of Israel -King Saul and David. Moses had a very up and down accomplishments. He was found and raised up in royalty. Then did not like the way the slaves were treated and left to come back 40 years later to free the slaves of Egypt. followed by meany years in the desert. And to hear from God to proclaim the 10 Commandments. Talk about a roller coaster of life, but in all this, he had faith in God.

As you read about these 3 men in the Bible think how their faith in God was the strongest when they were accomplishing what God had for them in life. Just because you want to go one way,  ask God if that the way He wants you to go. He will open doors that He wants you to go and closes other so you can follow His wants in your life and prosper you to your greatest. We all want to do great and accomplish our dreams in goals in life why not make sure He is on board with your dreams too. Once you and Him are in sync, nothing will stop you from doing what God’s plan for your life. I am not saying you will be rich or will not fall, but you will be at peace with Him and He with you. I pray today that you find what your passion is and dive into it with Him as the pilot.

Have a bless day,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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