Welcome to our city.

Just a quick update from yesterday, I had a wonderful day. I was able to work a full day and did very well. Today I want to talk about the meaning of Palm Sunday and how we can show visitors to our city the same respect.

The meaning of the palm leaves goes back to the 5BC-AD33. When the palm leaves and branches were a sign of homage and thrown before people of great respect. The people also threw down their cloaks and clothes. I know you are wondering how are we to do the same for the visitors of our city.  As Texans, we already do this being the friendliest state. For me, I respect every person I meet. I am known to talk to anyone and do not have trouble striking up a conversation. My mom would tell you that I could be standing in line at the grocery store and I would know something about the person in front of us.

Copyright: vepar5 / 123RF Stock Photo

Getting back to the subject we can show the Texas spirit when we go downtown. Our city is filled with so much history and fun facts we can share it with a person. Or if you see someone is lost we can help them out. As for your neighbors as I mentioned in a past blog being anyone around you. We can share the great news of Christ. how he came to save us and what he has done in our lives. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 talks about build each other up. In Hebrews 13:1-2 it mentions that we might even be talking with angels as our neighbor.

Next time you are in the walking in the store or downtown on our wonderful river walk here San Antonio, Texas do not be afraid to start up a conversation. I know you are thinking Carlon you know me I very shy around people. Well, try something new. If you see me around don’t be a stranger  I want to meet new people too. Also, try to turn someone’s frown upside down by smiling all the time. You never know you could bring joy to their life.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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