What I want to do and where I want to go.

I know I did not come to you yesterday. I just got my tax refund in and was running around paying my wonderful bills. I know, consistency will bring success. Mentioning success is in today topic and I hope we all can succeed in life. Hope you enjoy today’s topic and it encourages you to do what you love even if it on the side of your full-time job or career.

Today I wanted to come to you to let you know I am doing very well. I have been back home for 3 weeks now. I plan to go back to work this weekend. I know when I did my blog at 2 days ago I had mentioned about time and what we love to do. My love is in video production. I will post a link down below if you like to check out my weekly blog.

As some you know it takes consistency to get a following. Today I have started a Youtube channel and want you to join in my conversation. I want to engage with you as my friend in this endeavor. What do you want to start in life that you have not done or wanted to do? Comment below I like to hear what you want to crush at ( aka be the expert at)! I want to CRUSH video production and be the expert at it. How do I do that I create get better and create more?


Copyright: tashatuvango / 123RF Stock Photo

In the coming days, you will see more blog and more video post. Yes, I work only 4 days at another job, but this will be my second job. I love showing what I do and love helping others out. If you have an upcoming event I would love to help you promote it, video the event and provide a video of the event for future use. If you need help on creating a video lets crush it together.

I can’t wait to see where go takes me in this endeavor or what doors will be open. I truly excited and can not wait to see what happens. If you have any questions feel free to ask or want to be part of my endeavor I am willing to train or teach. As I was told you are as good as much as you can teach and in today’s world college is outdated knowledge and way too expensive to pay for. For example, I went to a prestigious college in Florida. Was told that there was a 95% success rate I would have a job in the field once I graduate. I graduated and still not working in my industry. Currently, I have $50,000 student loans I have struggled to pay back. I applied to several places and been turned down. I have 15+ years in the industry worked with big and small crews produced music videos and commercials. I know I might be different than most people but I also very talented too.

As I end this Blog I reminded that when we put our mind to what God has provided we can do all things through Christ that gives us power if we listen and follow him. Keep following your dreams and let us encourage each other daily. If you like to talk feel free to reach out via this site or email. I will get back to you with within an hour.

Your brother in Christ,

Carlton Lucas Moss

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