When storms happen in life.

We all have rough seas in life. \Whether it be struggling through finances, losing a family member, or work related stress. The storms might be short or last for years. 45940599 - illustration of a ship being tossed about by giant waves

Copyright: lenm / 123RF Stock Photo

This is when we need to lean on Jesus for guidance and strength through the hard times. I been through a lot and felt like it was only me going through it. I am mostly wrong in seeing that we all are going through tough situations. I read a sign that read ” When Life knocks you on your knees, your in the perfect position to pray”. Pprayer is our way of communicating with Jesus. He then intercedes for us through God the father as mentioned in  1st Timothy 2:5-6. It also mentioned in Romans 8:34 Where it says, Christ Jesus is interceding for us.

As you go through today and you feel yourself struggling start to focus on Him in prayer. Ask him what direction he wants you to take at this time. As the storm passes, just do not forget who helped you through it and rejoice with Him. Don,t forget If you need a prayer partner you can always email me or contact me through the comments or contact me page. If this was a blessing to you feel free to share it with others via Facebook, Twitter or Google +.  Have a blessed day.

Carlton Lucas Moss

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