A face, what do we know?

As I see names and faces I can remember a name to a face. If you put up a line up of 10 random. people could you remember them or would it take you a long time?

52505624 - men being suspected for crime illustration

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I know none of these people represent people we might know or it might. As we go thought life let go deeper in to the heart of knowing a person. when we get to know a person deeper you know there struggles, where they came from, what they like to do for fun and so much more. For example let take the far right guy in the picture with the sunglasses on his shirt. He from Paris, Texas. Working for a start up tech company and love to go out on the weekends. To go further deeper in his life he lost his best friend at the age of 10 on a fishing trip. I know I made this all up, but it just to make a point you never know who you are talking to or who next to you.

The bible tell us to love Jesus first, then love our neighbors next as we have loved Him as mentioned in Matthew 22:39-40.  You ask who our neighbors are they are every person that we run into. The person next door or the one that you think is the weirdest person in class or work. I know I have a few people in life that comes to mind, but I do not judge or prosecute them. I show them as much love as I have for Jesus.

If we started to look deeper into each other we would find that we all have issues and problems that we need help with. You might be the answer to someones problem or they might just need a hug that they have not had in a long time. I challenge you today, this weekend or next week to take the time to meet a stranger or someone you have not talked with in a long time and get to know them in a deeper way. It might shock you that they are the same deep down. Yes the skin might be different than yours or they have a mole on there nose try hard to look past all blemishes and get to know them.  As a country we need to quit putting each other down and lift each other up.

Till next blog I love each one of you and thanks for all the encouragement you give me. My current prayer request is continue healing after the surgery. For Jennifer’s  potential organ donors. And guidance through daily decision.   If you like me to add anything to my prayer list feel free to leave a comment below or email me at carltonlmoss at gmail.com.

Carlton Lucas Moss




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