It takes 21 days to start a new routine.

As I am writing my second blog. I am on day 2  on this new effort.  I have been down this trach road before, so this is just a reminder of how to take care of my new lifestyle with a trach.  I have had the trach several times in my life starting at age 3. Then I had it taken out several times during my life. Here are some of the items that I have to do now that I have the trach.

14867213 - calendar and marked the date the pushpin


  1. When the trach gets clogged I have to suction out the tube or if it is very bad I have a cleaning kit to clean it out.
  2. If I have to go anywhere, I have to carry all the supplies to do all that I have mentioned above. Most of the time I pack 3 suction tubes and 2 cleaning kits with saline water. All this is packed in the suction machine bag.
  3. I have been blessed to be able to have a powerful lungs to cough up the phelm that is down in my chest. When I have to cough it up, I have a box of Kleenex and a bag around to throw away the Kleenex.

As you can tell it is a change of life, but I still am very blessed to be alive. If you would like to help  Jen and me with all our medical expenses we have started a t-shirt fundraiser on

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